Eighty percent of success is showing up.
Woody Allen
In my rare free time, I do have hobbies!
Being a hard worker and taking most of my time on my film/video business, I sometimes take the time to "go out" and also to free my mind with my hobbies.
Photography When I have free time, taking pictures is a wonderful hobby of mine. I enjoy landscape and building photography. I tend to take time to think about the history of the object or nature spot that I'm about to photograph. It's a way for me to escape from reality and create a unique view of the world.
You bet that I enjoy watching movies! I love movies. Cinema is the ultimate form of art for me; combining every other art into a single moving medium. Every genre and style attract me and renew my love for the 7th art.
Making a movie is on my top priority in my life. That's what I like and that's what I was meant to be. I always have new ideas for movies a I make one step after another to be able to work and live from that beautiful profession.

The history of our world, of different cultures, and the evolution of the human race, is a huge passion of mine. Wether it be an article, a book, a documentary or a film on the subject, I'm immediately attracted.

Visiting new places, meeting new people, discovering the treasures of a new land, it's the Indiana Jones inside me that enjoys that! As you can see from that photo of me in the middle of the Mojave desert in California!

Kung Fu Express
Kung Fu Express
Action film with Kung Fu martial arts in Montreal. Joey is fighting againts Hong-Kong's triads to save his dream girl.

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Short film about Julie, a university student, having a hard time to deal with a tough situation.

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