Eighty percent of success is showing up.
Woody Allen

2010 6 mins Drama, HD-35mm
Kung Fu Express
1st commercial film

2007 77 mins Action, miniDV-35mm

2006 5 mins Drama, miniDV
Soyons Constant, Kant on ment

2004 12 mins Drama miniDV
1218, Bernard

2002 11 mins Comedy miniDV

2001 5 mins Drama S-VHS

2001 5 mins Comedy VHS
Les labyrinthes de la pensée

2000 17 mins Science-Fiction VHS
La Promise

1999 79 mins Horror VHS
ET à Ste-Julie

1999 19 mins Comedy VHS

2007 30 secs Commercial DV-35mm
Corporate Video: Sainte-Julie

2007 6 mins Corp. Video DV-35mm
Cinetix Productions

More videos at Cinetix Productions' Portfolio; corporate, shows, weddings and videoclips.
Directed by Olivier Chagnon
© Cinetix Films Inc.
Cinetix Productions
All my energy is focused on video production at Cinetix Productions. I work as a director and editor on different videos.

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Kung Fu Express
Kung Fu Express, a 77 mins action kung fu movie, is coming soon.

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